Arriving At Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has been out on the pc since 26 Feb, 2016. And I remember it being released and thought it looked ok, and seemed like a nice slow pace game. I knew I would never have the time to really sit and play this game given all the things you can do, find and take part in.


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Starting in Scum..

So after watching the progress of Scum, for about 10 months, I finally dropped some cash to get the base game and the supporter pack. Even though it’s still in early access, I believe there’s plenty to do and have fun with.


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Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E1 – A New Home

The birth of the Alliance of Tol started slow with just five people at what was to become known as the Gazo Brook. A world were Zombies and the constant threat of death is always just over your shoulder had turned a world on its head. With no law and order, people have taken upon themselves to do whatever it takes to survive.

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Subnautica 003: Land, and something other than fish to eat…

Once I headed further away for the Aurora crash site, the large body of clouds parted to reveal an island. The first landmass I have seen since crashing on the ocean world. It was fantastic to put my feet on solid earth. This was the first opportunity to find something other than fish to eat. I found a form of potato and various fruits like Lantern and Marblemelon, all great names 🙂 I think if I collect some of the seeds, I might be able to grow them and keep a supply going.


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Subnautica 001: Hope You Can Swim?

Starting a new “Now Playing” series. This one is Subnautica.

I have followed the is game for sometime while it was in development and early access, but never got around to picking it up. Then at the end of last year Epic released their own online games store and gave the game away for free, yes thank you……

So this is going to be an ongoing “Now Playing” post, and I will see how long I can keep going, and posting about what I do and see.


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Rimworld – How not to play

How not to play Rimworld - I have owned Rimworld early access before it even was on Steam. Loved the idea, and at first it was more of a proof a concept I think, but the more Tynan Sylvester played with it the more it came clear it could be so much more. In the end it has become an amazing story telling device.

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