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Subnautica 003: Land, and something other than fish to eat…

Once I headed further away for the Aurora crash site, the large body of clouds parted to reveal an island. The first landmass I have seen since crashing on the ocean world. It was fantastic to put my feet on solid earth. This was the first opportunity to find something other than fish to eat. I found a form of potato and various fruits like Lantern and Marblemelon, all great names 🙂 I think if I collect some of the seeds, I might be able to grow them and keep a supply going.

The only other lifeform I found on the island was a crab like creature that was very aggressive and attacked me straight way whenever I was in a 30m radius of them. Though quick, my knife was more than a match for them.
Whilst on the island I did find a damaged Multipurpose Room which with my scanner and a little know how have managed to create blueprints so I will be able to make a seabase room with the ability to add more rooms for storage and sleeping when I collect enough materials.

Previously in Subnautica

Resources and Ghosts

When I was leaving the island I noticed that it was actually floating, and I think some form of living gel was holding the island up, almost in a symbiotic existence. Very cool, but I don’t know how stable it makes the island, so many be making my own shelter closer to my pod is the way to go.
On the way back to more familiar waters I came across two Reefback’s swimming and talking to each other. You really can’t imagine how big they are until you are right alongside them. Beautiful beasts of the sea.
Once back at my pod I had enough resources to make a larger O2 Tank and a Rebreather which helps conserves oxygen when I dive deeper than my sub can go.

When trying out the deep dive with my new equipment, I think I saw something appear and then disappear, but it could of been the deep playing tricks on me, it’s so dark…

Little Finds

Some of the plants and lifeforms I have found on planet Planet 4546B.

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