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All things I have found around the web that I and hopefully you might find interesting.

  • Time to dip into my movie poster folder for a new batch of images to post. This one has a few old one some that are just out and a few that will be coming very soon…

  • Here’s a batch of 40 movie posters out of my collection that I picked up while on the web.. I must admit there is only a few in there that I really want to see, Dune 2 and the new Ghostbusters, but there might be one or two more I will catch at some point. […]

  • Thought I would throw up a few movie posters from my collection folder.A few films that have already come out like Scream 6 and Wakanda Forever, and some still to come out like Dune part 2, Kraven the Hunter and Oppenheimer. All good and looking forward to watching a couple of them when I can.

  • Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I have a special treat for you: some hilarious images that I found while browsing the internet. Trust me, if you have anything like my sense of humour you don’t want to miss these!

  • Part3 and the final one on the reimagined book covers series. I might post more in at a later date if I find more. Enjoy……

  • Part 2 here of the reimagined book covers I have been collecting for sometime. 🤣 All posted images can also be found in my Gallery section here.

  • I have been collecting these whenever I found them online for sometime, mostly via Pinterest but sometimes from the odd social post. I have laughed out loud a few times on some of these, and if you have anything like my sense of humour you will too. With almost 90 found so far I thought […]

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