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Arriving At Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has been out on the pc since 26 Feb, 2016. And I remember it being released and thought it looked ok, and seemed like a nice slow pace game. I knew I would never have the time to really sit and play this game given all the things you can do, find and take part in.

Jump to March 2019 and it had arrived on Android. Priced at £8 it wasn’t a bad price as the pc version is only £11, but I thought I would wait to see if it came down in price. Last week it was on sale for £5 and I had some credit on the play store.

So now I have stepped foot in Stardew Valley. No idea what I’m doing yet, though I have fished, meet a wizard, adopted a dog (yes I have called him Kylo), planted some seeds, and now I have found some dungeons to explore…

I’m guessing this game will just go on and on with no really end, so I will post updates and screen grabs from time to time on what I’ve been upto.

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