Starting in Scum..

So after watching the progress of Scum, for about 10 months, I finally dropped some cash to get the base game and the supporter pack. Even though it’s still in early access, I believe there’s plenty to do and have fun with.

I of course have a lot to learn on how to just survive, as running up to zombie or puppet as they are called here and just getting into a punching match is not going to go well…. though I had better luck with a dildo as a weapon, yes you read that right (reason one for the age restriction post).

When you start, you get to customize some of the options for your character, including the size of his member (reason two). These will be important on what you character can do now, and how well he upgrades in the future.

Keeping an eye on all your stats is very important, food, drink and bowel movements are very high, which is a very new idea in gaming, or well it is to me. It adds another layer of survival. I haven’t got far, and have no weapons to shout about as of yet, but with a backpack and a wooly hat I’m ready for anything….

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