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Rimworld – How not to play

I have owned Rimworld early access before it even was on Steam. Loved the idea, and at first it was more of a proof a concept I think, but the more Tynan Sylvester played with it the more it came clear it could be so much more. In the end it has become an amazing story telling device.

What you are here to read is not a great or long story, this was before the final release and I hadn’t played the beta or alpha for sometime, so things had changed and of course I paid no attention to getting help…

I would like you to meet the unfortunate players in my game.

  • Laxe Ibis – A Healer, and a Neurotic, but good with making and growing…
  • Olga Bringa – An Historian that enjoys growing and construction, but a teetotaler.
  • Green Croio – A Warrior who’s not into helping anyone or doing anything for the tribe..
  • Senra Trobo – A Reclusive child
  • Exorus Hawke – A Hunter with a chemical interest and is a Prosthophile…

We have also got a cat Torts, a dog Burning and a small monkey Zelig..

It all started off as well as can be. A mostly nice area found for setting up our small community and hopefully not the only one, we have future plans. Straight away we had Idis, Bringa and Green building a few rooms for sleeping and storing items. Exorus the Hunter was sent out looking for food.
With Exorus coming back with a kill for food, he was the one to suggest we give our faction a name, we decided on The Gray River faction and the community should be called Kin League of Olla.
Unfortunately with the animals not being kept in check, they were eating all the food before we noticed. The weather turned so bad the crops I had high expectations for just didn’t produce yield.
Disease took hold of the camp, and with nothing to fight it with, we lost Ibis and Trobo very quickly. Zelig the monkey got the taste for human blood and was found eating Trobo’s head! He was run out of the camp, but it wasn’t the last time he was seen.
I fire broke out in the research room which got out of hand really quickly, we lost Green then Exorus to his injuries. Bringa was the last, and this was the time Zelig the monkey smelt the blood and returned from the wilds to attack Bringa. Bringa put up a fight, but with only a Melee level of four, she took way too many injuries killing that bloody monkey.
We end this sad very short story with Olga Bringa crawling back into what was left of the sleeping area of The Gray River, the last member dying alone on the floor with Burning the dog walking way hopefully having better luck than these five…
I never found out what Torts the cat did, or where it went, but that’s cats for you, most likely did a runner the moment it was obvious it wasn’t going well…..

Here’s the trailer for the final release of the game. It shows off so much that you can do than what I have pathetically shown in this post, and of course there is so much more beyond it plus it has a very large mod community.

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