Subnautica 001: Hope You Can Swim?

Starting a new “Now Playing” series. This one is Subnautica.

I have followed the is game for sometime while it was in development and early access, but never got around to picking it up. Then at the end of last year Epic released their own online games store and gave the game away for free, yes thank you……

So this is going to be an ongoing “Now Playing” post, and I will see how long I can keep going, and posting about what I do and see.

01 – Hope you can swim?

The game starts as the ship Aurora that we are on crash lands on an ocean planet 4546B, narrowly escaping in a pod on my own, I crashland in the ocean, and yes there’s a lot of it.
First thing is to put out the fire that has started in the pod, once that’s done a quick check on what resources are onboard the pod, not much I’m afraid……

Outside I could see the Aurora some distance away, certainly too far way to swim there at the moment. Ok lets get in that water and see what we are up against.
I can see a fair amount of minerals which I start to collect and hopefully use at a later date. Though it did start going dark quicker than I would of liked which made it very hard to find anything.

Back inside the pod I started to get the Fabricator up and running. With this and the resources I had already found helped make the Spectroscope, this is a scanner used to acquire technology blueprints and data on living organisms. It’s a good start…

Next I needed to make the Seaglide to help get around quicker, fins, a knife and the very important Multi-purpose repair tool, this thing works in all environments. With that made I could fix the pod’s power and radio to send out an SOS and maybe receive messages.

It was now time to go further away from the pod with the help of the seaglider and collect more resources. While out I heard an amazing loud explosion. This was the Aurora deteriorating, and unfortunately my scanner has picked up that the radiation has gone over safe levels, so I can not get close to the ship until I find a way to shield myself.

I also came across or should I say it came across me an amazing Reefback Leviathan. The animal was just massive, thank god it seems to be passive, though I wasn’t taking any chances at the moment, but I will, given the opportunity get a better look.

With a very successful trip out I had enough items to finally make the Mobile Vehicle Bay, which in turn let me make the Seamoth, a One-person sea-and-space vehicle. Now we can really move about out there. This was also the time the radio came into life with a signal from another pod, time to head out. Until next time……..

Here are some of the Fauna (animals) I have spotted so far.

  • Bladderfish
  • Boomerang
  • Crashfish
  • Garryfish
  • Gasopod
  • Jumper
  • Peeper
  • Sand_Shark
  • Stalker

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