Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E1 – A New Home

Episode 01:

The birth of the Alliance of Tol started slow with just five people at what was to become known as the Gazo Brook. A world were Zombies and the constant threat of death is always just over your shoulder had turned a world on its head. With no law and order, people have taken upon themselves to do whatever it takes to survive. Five random people almost fell together and found what they thought would be a safe place to build a life. Each person had to use what knowledge they have individulay for the good of the group, as it was painfully apparent that survival as a party has more of a chance.

Asbil, Trogo, Raca, Whale and Raven with three pets Joaquin, Andrei and Otto have found a opening in a mountain and believe its the quickest and best way to be defended. With only a matter of a few days, they had a liveable and functioning home. Trogo who has the best bow took it upon himself to do most of the hunting for meat.
It was Whale who thought of the name The Alliance of Tol, and also the Gazo Brook for the settlement location.

Asbil being the more book read of the group, thought a research bench was needed so he could work out what was need for the future and try to figure out how to do these things, also letting everyone know whatever they couldn’t do now will take time and patience to implement.
Raven has become the heart of the kitchen, with skills in carving up and cooking the animals Trogo brings back from his hunting trips. And with the rest of the group already planting potatoes and rice they should be good for food, for a while at least.

All Busy, well apart from Raca…

Our first trade caravan past through with plenty of items for trade. Unfortunately we don’t have at the moment much for trade or currency which is silver has now become the tender for purchases. We managed to work on a deal that got the colony some much needed medicines, with the knowledge that the word would get out to other traders that we are here.

The first of what people are calling zombies stumbled into our area today. Only a couple which were easily dispatched as they aren’t in anyway intelligent, but in large numbers would be a real problem. We will have to make sure we have a patrol and watch out area.
Asbil and Whale have made a commitment to each other and wanted to get married. So in between all the growth of the colony that is needed, Whale has tried to organize a wedding party with what little we have, though everyone has been more than happy to chip in what they can.

Pigs For The Pot..

While out hunting Trogo came across a Megasloth. Not really thinking about the danger side of things, only how much meat and wool there would be, he tried to bag one. Unfortunately, once injured, Megasloth can be very wild and attack. Knocking Togo down and badly injuring him. Lucky Raven and Asbil were in the area to help out. Now he’s bedridden being looked after by Asbil, and using up valuable medicines. The group are not happy with him for such a silly mistake.

A new member of the group arrived today. Brana, is a well liked guy, keen to help wherever he can. He also has a hand gun, though his aim not the best…
A trader, Timothy Flux has stopped by with offers of trade, he was very impressed with what has been achieved so far and stayed around for a few days.

More zombies turning up at our borders, but Trogo was more than happy to go hunting and clear out the area. He’s been in a right mood ever since his advances to Raven had failed because Raca and Raven have been engaged in a romance, but had been keeping it low-key. Even though it was Asbil and Whale who had said they wanted to marry, it was Raca and Raven who managed to have a married ceremony first. Though all the colony was present, Trogo had an air about him that said he would rather be out putting arrows in zombies heads.
When it was Asbil and Whales turn, Togo didn’t even bother to watch, though he did make it to the wedding meal…..

9th of Septober, it was the largest alert of zombie’s in the area. A total of 24 were counted by Raven and Togo. These two have become the hit squad at the moment with their quick and accurate aim.
Our power supply is sufficient at the moment running on a wood burner, and having two large batteries storing excess power for when its need, but as a colony we have to think long term.

Characters So Far:

Trogo: Is kind, but psychically dull, so is not doing well with the opposite sex. Great at shooting and construction, and has a knack for the wildlife and plants.

Asbil: Is a Night Owl, healer, very intellectual and good miner when needed.

Raca: A tough 42yr old, so great at physical work like mining and fighting melee style.

Whale: She is an odd one. She’s very kinda, but has the Bloodlust trait, which means she has no problem hurting people and has no problem with the sight of blood and death. A good allrounder and helps out with everything.

Raven: She another tough one, so great in a fight, though she is a depressive, which means she never seems happy even when everything is fine. Does most of the cooking with great skill.

Brana: As the newest member, he hasn’t had the same amount of time with the group, so with his abrasive trait he does seem to rub some people up the wrong way and with a pessimist outlook his chemical interest could go down a dark path.

Mods Used In This Game:

  • HugsLib
  • EdB Prepare Carefully
  • Jecs Tools
  • Tribal Headgear Retexturing
  • Interaction Bubbles
  • [1.0] RPG Style Inventory
  • Facial Stuff 1.0
  • More Vanilla Turrets 1.0
  • Camera+
  • Zombieland
  • (FSF) Rain Washes Away Filth
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Tab
  • Color Coded Mood Bar
  • Pick Up And Haul
  • Xeva’s Rimhair
  • Progress Renderer
  • Doors Expanded

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