X4: Cradle of Humanity – Launch Trailer

The new trailer for the next expansion for X4 has just been released. The expansion called Cradle of Humanity is taking us back to Earth. So looking forward to getting about the increased universe and finding out the ever expanding storyline.

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Mortal Kombat

New red band trailer has just been released for the new Mortal Kombat film. From what I have seen, it’s looking pretty good. Though it’s gotta be better than the last one….


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Star Wars, Marvel – Disney Wins Entertainment For The Next Few Years

Disney have just released their up and coming projects for the next few years, and oh my god there is so much stuff. They will truly take over streaming next year. Disney plus has only been running 1yr, and they have such a solid list of content.


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Dune Trailer

After such a long wait the first trailer is out for the new DUNE version directed by Denis Villeneuve, the guy behind Blade Runner 2049, so at least he knows how to make a great looking film. What I have seen in the trailer so far though I’m really looking forward to it..


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The Mandalorian Trailer

Gotta say I’m looking forward to watching this. I really hope it does well, not just for this show, but it could pave the way for so many more live-action shows in the Star Wars Universe.


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No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer

The new trailer for No Man’s Sky update “Beyond” has now been released. Due out next week on the 14th it’s looking really good. I wanted to get back into this game, but because I had heard a new update was due, I thought I would wait.


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IT CHAPTER 2 Final Trailer

The final trailer has been released for part 2 of IT. Really enjoyed the first one, and it looks like the second part is going to be just as good. Will end up watching this with my eldest son I think…..


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Death Stranding….What?

Death Stranding is a new gaming coming from Hideo Kojima in November 2019. There is very little chance that I will get to play it, as it's a Playstation 4 exclusive, but that doesn't stop me from admiring this game. I and I guess most people who have seen the latest trailer were amazed with the visuals, and well done to them to make an 8min video and still not give anything away. I mean I have no idea what this games about.

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