Random Web Images.

All things I have found around the web that I and hopefully you might find interesting.

  • Time for some funnies that’s got nothing to do with Covid for a change, becasue if your like me, you are really sick of it now, even funnies aren’t funny anymore…..

  • I have a couple more weeks working from home before heading back into the office, so this could be my last lockdown funnies post, though nothing would surprise me at the moment, “wave two” comes to mind….. Anyway I have found another 36 memes that I can relate to in these unusual times….

  • Well we are in June, and still in Lockdown. What started off as a “novelty” and “just to be safe” has now gone on for over 70 days and I’m really finding it hard to find the lighter side of anything. Even more so when I see so many people thinking it’s not their problem, […]

  • As we are in week 6 now of lockdown here in the UK, thought I would do another quick random web images post around our favourite topic in the world right now…

  • As we are still in Lockdown, and it’s not looking likely that this will be lifted anytime soon. And I’m back to trying to work from home, and the weather has taken a turn to the cold and wet side, I think a few funnies are in order…….

  • As it’s now starting to get very real around the world, I thought I would just post a few funny images I have seen in the last few days.

  • Random Funnies

    Not posted any funny images found around the web in a while, so thought it was time… As usual these are from a collection that I post occasionally on social media when the mood takes 🙂

  • Movie Posters For January

    Not done a movie poster post in a while, so here’s 30 from up and coming movies.