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  • A Visit To Chester Zoo

    A Visit To Chester Zoo

    Today we had a well overdue trip to the zoo. We haven’t been to Chester Zoo in almost 10yrs, a few things have remained the same, but lots have changed. Red Panda’s was high on Ryan’s list to see, but I think we got to see almost everything there, and I’m not surprised as our […]

  • A Walk Around Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

    A Walk Around Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

    An early start this morning to get up to Ingleton Waterfalls before the rush of walkers. We haven’t been here in a very long time. So glad it had cooled down from last week, because I think it would have beaten us before we would have gotten all the way around. As there are still […]

  • A Walk Around Hornby Castle

    A Walk Around Hornby Castle

    As it was Fathers Day today, thought we would have a nice walk around Hornby Castle this morning. Never been there before, and as they only open the gardens to the public twice a year it was worth a couple of hours.

  • Having a go at Spin Art

    Having a go at Spin Art

    My youngest has been watching a few YouTube art videos lately and wanted to have a go at Spin Art. Was fun to do, just had to make an adapter for my drill and a small paint tent to catch the spinning off paint, and away we went….

  • Week 3 With Eddie The Elf..

    Week 3 With Eddie The Elf..

    Another week with our elf, and as always he’s been busy. A few presents like new slippers and a slush maker. He’s also been getting up to mischief with paint wrapping up Ryans packed lunch and playing cards late into the night for gold coins……

  • Week 2 with Eddie The Elf.

    Week 2 with Eddie The Elf.

    It’s been a busy week for Eddie. His second week back with us and he hasn’t stopped doing his thing…. Not only has he been brings presents like blankets, hedgehogs, hats and scarves, he’s also been making things…

  • Guess Who’s Back!?

    Guess Who’s Back!?

    Yes Eddie the Elf is back for another Christmas at the Dixon’s.. His door appeared a few days before the end of November. Now I know we have been getting ready for Christmas for about a month now here, but can you blame anyone for wanting something to focus on with the year we have […]

  • Week 12, 13 & 14…

    Week 12, 13 & 14…

    Running behind some what at the moment with posts. So this ones a 3 week shot in one. Over this time we have had my birthday, fathers day, new tech toy and a new project…For my birthday this year and as we can’t go anywhere and nowhere is open Carolyne made us afternoon tea. It was really nice just to sit with the family and chat while having sandwiches and cakes. 🙂

  • Week 11 – End Of Times.

    Week 11 – End Of Times.

    As week 11 passes by, I get the feeling that the whole planet is on a imploding trajectory. What was bad enough having to try and quarantine the whole population for what we thought might be a few weeks, and what seemed like 30% didn’t think it included them, and how we are going to […]

  • Week 10 – Getting Out And About..

    Week 10 – Getting Out And About..

    Over 70 day’s now since I started working from home. My youngest has been home for about the same amount of time. He will most likely not be going back to school until September. My eldest has now finished high school and is now waiting on news of his exams and a college place. I […]