Epic’s MetaHuman Creator

This is looking really good. I’m still watching the demo’s when they showed off Unreal Engine 5, and I’m still amazed at the Mandalorian and how it was shot. And now they bring out the MetaHuman Creator.

This could real enhance games by giving more realism , and also speed up the process, with so much of the work done. Could you just imagine Sims 4 or 5 running like this? It would be awesome..

Creating convincing digital humans has traditionally been hard, slow, and expensive. With MetaHuman Creator, the time to create a unique digital human of the highest quality, complete with hair and clothing, is slashed. Here, we provide a first look at the new tool.Find out more and register to get updates here.

If you haven’t seen the behind scenes of The Mandalorian watch below.

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