Warriors Vs Blackbrook

Sunday afternoon was my eldest son’s rugby game against Blackbrook Royals. Now last time we played them away, they really did a number on us, and we lost by a big score. I think our boy’s were not going to let it go the same way at home.


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A Wet And Muddy Rugby Game

Sunday was an away game for my eldest with his club the Leyland Warriors against Blackbrook Royals. It’s always a tough one with a fair bit of pushing, but this one was a total wash out, with the rain, the cold and the mud, the boys were not it the game at all. Tempers flared far to many times and so Blackbrook ran rings around us.


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September 2018 Catch Up

Thought I would do a monthly catch up post. A good selection of all the pictures we have taken through September 2018.
In September we had Ryan’s 9th Birthday, more rugby games from the boys, a few trips to Blackpool, a scarecrow festival, and some nice walks with Kylo.


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