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  • Cosplay Gaming Time

    Cosplay Gaming Time

    It’s been awhile since the last cosplay post, so lets get 30 cosplay creations in the gaming theme….

  • Cosplay – side by side

    Cosplay – side by side

    Always good to see what the cosplayer was out to create sometimes. There’s 30 side by sides. We have a range from games like Witcher and Skyrim, to cartoons like Simpsons, Scooby Do and Steven Universe, plus many more.

  • Movie Cosplay Time

    Movie Cosplay Time

    Thought it was time for another cosplay post. This one is all about the movies. We have Maleficent, The Fifth Element, Alien, Transformers and many more…

  • MCM Manchester Comic Con 2019

    MCM Manchester Comic Con 2019

    A bit of a last minute decision Friday night that we were off to Manchester Comic Con on Saturday… Tickets booked and a quick train time check, and that was that….

  • Xena Cosplay

    Xena Cosplay

    Today’s cosplay topic is Xena – Warrior Princess… Found a bunch of images in one of my folders in the theme of Xena, so here you go. Kinda think I need to add the tv series into my watch list now as I really did like it 😉

  • A Cosplay Mixed Bag..

    A Cosplay Mixed Bag..

    As the title suggests, this is a mixed collection of cosplayers of which I don’t have a category for them to go in. Either I don’t have a folder for them, or I have no idea what they are from. All still fantastic creations.

  • Battlestar Galactica – Cosplay

    Battlestar Galactica – Cosplay

    As I’ve finally got around to watching and finishing Caprica, with the intent to start watching Battlestar Galactica (the 2009 version) I thought I would look through my cosplay tv folder and see if I could find any related cosplayers, and what I found was 20 very cool images, some for the newer version and some from the original.

  • Avengers Cosplay

    Avengers Cosplay

    Well as it’s Avengers Endgame time, and having just been to the movies to see it. I thought I would dip into my Marvel folder and dig out some cosplay finds.

  • The Mandalorian Cosplay

    The Mandalorian Cosplay

    Because Disney have finally shown off some of The Mandalorian live action video and details, I thought I would do a little dive and find some Mandalorian cosplay.

  • Movie Cosplay Post

    Movie Cosplay Post

    It’s been awhile since my last cosplay post. This time I’ve dipped into my folder and pulled out 30 movie cosplay images. We have Beetlejuice, Hellboy, Mad Max, Back To The Future, Shrek and many many more.