Week 11 – End Of Times.

As week 11 passes by, I get the feeling that the whole planet is on a imploding trajectory. What was bad enough having to try and quarantine the whole population for what we thought might be a few weeks, and what seemed like 30% didn’t think it included them, and how we are going to see financial and job difficultes for years to come, we now have the Black Lives Matter protests. Yes, of course they are very important, and yes of course people should be protesting and the correct people should be held responsible for racism. I just think a small portion of the protesters are just using it to go out and be violent and damage property under the disguise of a very good cause….

Over the weekend over 140,000 protesters were out in the UK, this could give us the second spike of Covid-19 that will kill so many more people. I just feel there has to be a better way to protest and change the system that is failing people, I just don’t know what it is…..
America is on a whole level of their own when it comes to racism, and having Trump in power only magnifies the problem. Below is an interesting podcast about a police training program in America that is being used in over 100 police departments across the country teaching cops really bad techniques. David Grossman director of the “Killology Research Group”, yes you read that right and he’s been doing it for over 20yrs…

Anyway, rant over, now for a little bit of my tiny world from week 11…

Evening walks in the sun are always nice…

This weeks project was to fence off a third of the garden from the dog, so the grass and plants could grow back a little. Unfortunately he had other ideas, and I had to fill in some of the fence that he had worked out were slightly wide enough for him to fit through…… So far it’s worked…..

Social distance visit from Lightning McQueen for charity.

Think it’s nearly been three weeks since I made this terraria. Looks like it’s doing ok on it’s own. Once I made it and sealed the top it has kept its moisture and the plants I put in are growing 🙂

World News

Things happening elsewhere….

New information for the little girl Madeleine McCann who went missing in 2007 has come to light. A jailed German paedophile who was in the area at the time is helping with inquiries….

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