Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E2 – We grow in numbers, but so do they…..

Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E2 – We grow in numbers, but so do they…..

With the colony growing, new ways to supply power was needed. Solar panels and batteries are great to boost what we were getting from the wood burners. Unfortunately, it looks like solar flares are going to be a common occurrence, which could knockout the power for a full day sometimes. Plus storms and lightning that can create fires, turns all our plans on their heads….

 With the weather turning, and temperatures dropping, it was decided to tunnel more into the mountains and make more rooms that could be helpful to store items that would perish outside. This of course takes time and all hands are needed. . Not only having to deal with zombie attacks, we have once or twice had chancers see if they can take what we have. Not a good idea when we have Raven,Trogo and the odd zombie on patrol.

Work was done to create an area for passing by people to stay for awhile, they can even help out around the camp before moving on if they so wish. A small cost is asked to help, but most are happy with this, as its a safe place to rest before moving on.

Minoca, was one of the raiders, but he was only wounded. Brana, always being thoughtful had a good feeling about him and wanted to nurse him back to health with the option to change his ways and join us. This he did happily, and once his fitness was back got straight into helping with the storage extensions. Amazingly Blue, Raca’s sister found us and wants to stay, she’s a geologist, and also ready to do what’s needed to help.

With Asbil hard at work researching, it wasn’t long before we have plans to make some new defenses, which I think Raven loved a little more than the rest felt comfortable with….. Not long after defenses were up, we got a message for help not that far away. Both Raven and Trogo wanted to go and help and see if we could also find anything worth taking. Sad to say when they finally got there it was too late. Raiders had been and killed the two people who requested help. On the way back they met The Red Cave Kin League and did a little trading, so parted on goodwill and it wasn’t a wasted trip after all. Once back it wasn’t long before they were both out hunting and filling the food stocks up again.

The guest section of our base is doing well, though sometimes I think the guests do take a few liberties. We have had to have words with one or two about going naked around the place, it’s not that kind of camp, and we really don’t need it in the eating areas…..

Unfortunately we had a few serious injuries in the past week. On one occasion, a Thrumbo came close to the camp, and Trogo thought it would be a great idea to hunt and kill it for the meat and its valuable horn. Even with Raven and Whale’s help it did not go well, with everyone getting some form injury, but Trogo got the brunt of it and spent a few days in the medi lab recovering. Another time a wild boar managed to get into the base and down to the sleeping area, when it came across Whale, it just attack her and kept going, and would not stop until Raven managed to take it out from a distance with her bolt-action rifle.

Thankfully all injuries were fully healed before the next and largest zombie attack yet. A total of 48 were counted, with one thing on their collective dead minds…. They moved slowly but purposely forward towards the camp killing anything alive on the way. Thankfully Trogo was in top shape and took the last one out only a few metres away from the main entrance. They are getting closer every time they attack…

Characters So Far:

Mods Used In This Game:

  • HugsLib
  • EdB Prepare Carefully
  • Jecs Tools
  • Tribal Headgear Retexturing
  • Interaction Bubbles
  • [1.0] RPG Style Inventory
  • Facial Stuff 1.0
  • More Vanilla Turrets 1.0
  • Camera+
  • Zombieland
  • (FSF) Rain Washes Away Filth
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Tab
  • Color Coded Mood Bar
  • Pick Up And Haul
  • Xeva’s Rimhair
  • Progress Renderer
  • Doors Expanded
  • Wall Lights

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