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My 70s and 80s memories by mostly images

This post though it won’t hold many words has taken some time to put together, just because it opened such a rabbit hole that just kept going. Please forgive the amount of images that’s going to load (over 200, but small images), I had stop at some point, but there is so much more out there…….
Anyway I have lately see images that have triggered memories from my younger day, and with the help of Pinterest I have complied a memories list from my late 70s up to almost the end of the 80s. If your like me around your mid to late 40’s, some of these might just bring a smile to your face, I know a good portion did for me 🙂

Books: I think ladybug and penguin books were big back in my day 🙂

Films: Some of the films I remember watching. We didn’t often go to the cinema when I was a kid, so we were big on VHS and video stores.. Everyone a classic, you can’t say that about most films now a day’s…

Home: Now these images remind me of home, either things around the house, or things my mum would make, like her cocktail sticks in a half a lettuce wrapped in foil at birthday parties and Christmas. Or my dad’s homemade wine or the reams of printer paper he would bring home from work so we could draw on it, to milk bottles being delivered and the coal man dropping off a sack into our coal shed 😉

Music: I wasn’t really into music that much when I was younger, my dad and mum played a lot of their music on the hi fi, which was mostly Motown which wasn’t a bad thing, but one or two bands did stand out for me, and I think most are still going on someway or another…..

Playing Outside: I never felt like we were ever in when I was a kid. And school summer holidays went on forever and only came home when we wanted to eat..

School and Health: Just a few things that stick out for me at school, the desks, tv time and the desserts 🙂 Health wise the dentist was always a big thing for me….

Sweets: Need I say anything about this section..

Toys: He-Man was my go to figure, and I loved my Castle Grayskulll..

Tv: Now I know I said I was never in, but there was some great tv shows on. Muppets, Grange Hill, The Fall Guy, Monkey and Knight Rider to list just a few.

Video Games: I loved my Spectrum 48k, Atari ST, and a friend had the Commodore 64. I was a big Jet Set Willy, and Horace fan from an early age. Ultimate made some great games like Atic Atac, Nightshade and Sabre Wulf.