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Google, The Future Of Gaming?

Today Google revealed it’s new gaming platform called Stadia. We have heard for a while about Google’s plans to get into the gaming market, but no real information has been released until now.

Phil Harrison, the head of the Google’s gaming side is someone most gamers should know as he has worked at Sony Playstation and Xbox. It was his job to introduce this new system and dare I say a new way of playing. As the catchphrase said, gaming is not a box. With their idea for gaming it is all done at server side, and just streamed to the device of your choice, be it a chrome browser, phone, tablet, tv or possibly another games console. All you are going to need is a screen, controller and a good internet speed. I have used game streaming services before and they never do live up to the hype, but I believe if anyone can crack this dream it will be Google with all their data centres and tech wizardry…

Apart from showing off the already tested Assassins Creed game running from several devices, they didn’t show any other games running. They did have developers come on and talk about projects including the new Doom, which would be a good level to gauge as that is such a fast game to play, but I guess we will have to wait for that, though not much longer as they announced Stadia will be out this year.

The Google Stadia Controller

I guess only time will tell, but I for one am very excited about this and what it could do for gaming.

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