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Sunday Afternoon Walk

Went for a nice afternoon walk this Sunday. Wife, youngest and the dog… We went to a Yarrow Valley Country Park, it’s a place we only discovered a couple of years, amazed really as its only 20 mins or so from our home.

Lovely place for a walk and play. Of course it’s January so a little on the cold and muddy side, but still nice to get some fresh air.

Yarrow Valley Country Park was first established in 1987 on land previously used for bleaching, dyeing, calico printing and mining. Once industrial activity had ended, the site lay derelict for some 30 years until in the late 1980’s when Chorley Council acquired the site. With sensitive restoration and management the park now constitutes an important wildlife resource both within the district and county, with 14 biological heritage sites accounting for 60 per cent of the park. The most important ecological feature of the park is the presence of large areas of mature ancient woodland.

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