Already into week 4, thought I would try a couple of different simple builds this time around. Wooden Plant Box and a Glass Bottle of sorts…..
Starting with the box, my strategy was to make it the way I would if I was making it out of wood, so a bottom, four sides and blocks to hold it all together.

Really simple, nothing too taxing in this. Using the same perceptual material from last weeks table helped with the look. Next was just creating a plain and subdividing it about five times and using proportional editing with random setting to make an uneven surface for the soil. And a tile-able texture image applied worked ok, though later I thought it could of done with some depth by using some displacement, but I’m not at that level yet of knowing how to apply this in the right way..

I did two renders of this build with small changes to the lighting, each one took 2mins with 200 passes.


My second quick build was more of a random start with a cylinder and after deleting the top face and applying solidify modifier, I selected every other front surface and scaled it up slightly to create a little detail. Then at this point I was at a loss to what I was doing, then I went into the node editor and added a Glass BDSF in Beckmann mode, which looked ok, but as I’m in messing mode 😉 I next added an Emission node which of course we all know creates light which gave the bottle a nice glow effect. This one of course is still a work in progress, so I think we will come back to this bottle another time. The render time was a lot longer with it being transparent and as my setting aren’t set for things like this, (not got to this section of how the render engine works, and how to get the most out of it yet) it took about 20mins with 200 passes but as you will see in the final image, it has a lot of noise. Something to look into on my journey into Blender.
Until next week…

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