• Blackpool Airshow 2022

    After a couple of years being cancelled last weekend was the Blackpool Airshow, so we thought we would go on the Sunday. Early start and there before 10am, over four hrs before it starts (show starts at 2.10pm) and it was already busy. I know the weather was great, but god it was busy….

  • This is pure magic, YouTuber eli_handle_b came up with the idea of mixing the game Detroit:Become Human with the classic Naked Gun/Police Squad and what comes out is fantastic.

  • Busy Day Visit To London

    A really early start had us on a train before 7am to get us into London just after 9am, so we could see as much as possible in one day…..

  • So that was July, been and gone… Started the month off with Covid and lost a fews days to that, really wasn’t well at all… We hade mostly great weather, which lead us onto having a couple of BBQs, and finally getting out the gazebo. Had my first round of blood tests which left some…

  • Blonde Trailer

    New trailer for Blonde is out staring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. Out on the 28th September.

  • tv-series-media-intake

    Brazil With Michael Palin I have always been a big fan of Michael Palins documentry shows going back to when he did Around The World In 80 Days in 1989. Brazil with Michael Palin is a travel documentary series by Michael Palin consisting of four episodes. Palin, had never been to Brazil which, in the…

  • Got a new batch of 37 movie posters I have found around the web lately. Some have just come out others due later this year. Just a few on my want to watch list this time, Bullet Train, The Grey Man and Everything Everywhere All at Once are hight up there for me at sometime…

  • I’m such a big fan of Bethesda and their games. Love the Elder scrolls games, think I have had them all.. and Fallout 4 is so good. I think the original fallout was my first game on the first pc I bought myself so many moons ago…..

  • tv-series-media-intake

    Mostley new shows starting this time around part from a classic I want to watch the whold way through…..

  • I was told about this series sometime ago, and as the third series has just been released I thought it was time to watch it all….

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