Week 10 – Getting Out And About..

Over 70 day’s now since I started working from home. My youngest has been home for about the same amount of time. He will most likely not be going back to school until September. My eldest has now finished high school and is now waiting on news of his exams and a college place. I know it’s going to be a very long time before something like normality comes around. All we can do is just try our best to stay positive, wash your hands and Social Distance…..


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Elf: A Christmas Show in Liverpool

At the weekend we were in Liverpool for the Elf Spectacular show. It was at the M&S Bank Arena on the docks. I've not been in Liverpool for years, it really has changed, and parts of the docks are completely different. Anyway everywhere is lit up ready for Christmas which is nice..

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Williamson Park

The other week I had a day off work for my wife Birthday and she wanted to go to a park in Lancaster called Williamson Park. It was only a 40mins drive from us, so we were there in no time, very near the place we got Kylo, our forever home rescue dog.

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Blackpool Air Show 2019

This Sunday we braved the weather for the 2019 Blackpool Air Show. Even though the country was on alert for bad weather, and many weekend events were cancelled including the Lytham Kite Festival that we were also going to. Blackpool went ahead, but only on the Sunday instead a two day event. Knowing that everyone who wanted to go over two days was now going to turn up on Sunday, we thought it best to get in early.


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A Very Wet Leyland Festival

This weekend was the my home towns festival. And right on the moment the procession had started the rain came down hard. They did a good job at trying to keep smiling and positive, but that's the UK weather for you....

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Easter Weekend 2019

We have just had such a lovely Easter Weekend. The weather could not have been any better for a long Bank holiday. It was nice to spend time in the garden, which is really the first time this year with a BBQ, pool and egg hunting.


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Smashing The Merlin Annual Pass – Last Day

Monday was the last day to use our annual Merlin Pass, so we thought we would get as much done as possible. First stop was into Blackpool Tower and the Jungle Jim’s attraction for Ryan. Let him run, play and bounce off some energy for an hour or so.


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