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  • A Little Frosty This Morning

    A Little Frosty This Morning

    After two days of rain, we got a break. Nice and frosty on this morning’s dog walk.

  • Back To Work

    Back To Work

    After a nice break over Christmas, it’s time to get back to work, so for now this is my office at home.

  • Snow Day!

    Snow Day!

    We don’t much snow around us. I has to be bad around the whole country before we normally see any, but today, only 17mins away we found snow 🙂

  • Jumper Day

    Jumper Day

    Thursday is Christmas Dinner and jumper day at school for Ryan.

  • The last of the apples

    The last of the apples

    This morning I picked the last of the apples off our tree. I counted 111, which we think would mean we got well over 250 apples this year, which is great!

  • The boys are back

    The boys are back

    Its been a long time coming, and at some points I thought it would never come… but my youngest is going back to school, and my eldest is off to college!

  • Nice Evening Walk..

    Nice Evening Walk..

    Had a nice evening walk around Southport tonight. Haven’t been here for a long time, was lovely to walk on the pier and on the beach while the sun went down.

  • Sunday afternoon walk

    Sunday afternoon walk

    Had a nice afternoon walk with most of the family, couldn’t get my eldest out of bed…. 4 miles and a couple of hrs in the sun is as much exercise as I will be doing today.

  • Home Grown

    Home Grown

    Garden’s doing well, and we have a good amount of Strawberries and Raspberries this year.

  • Starting to read Foundation.

    Starting to read Foundation.

    Now that I have my new tablet, I thought I should start doing what I said I would once I got one….Read More…. One of the big series I have always wanting to get into but haven’t is Isaac Asimov Foundation. After seeing the new trailer for the up and coming TV series from Apple, […]