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  • New Cube World video play

    New Cube World video play

    It’s been a while, but new gameplay video of the game Cube World has just been released by the creator wol_lay. I think I bought into this game when he first released a demo way back in 2013. I know it’s just him and his wife working on this, so the time frame for me wasn’t a problem. Though I would like to get my hands on the final release soon 😉

  • No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer

    No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer

    The new trailer for No Man’s Sky update “Beyond” has now been released. Due out next week on the 14th it’s looking really good. I wanted to get back into this game, but because I had heard a new update was due, I thought I would wait.

  • Arriving At Stardew Valley

    Arriving At Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley has been out on the pc since 26 Feb, 2016. And I remember it being released and thought it looked ok, and seemed like a nice slow pace game. I knew I would never have the time to really sit and play this game given all the things you can do, find and […]

  • Death Stranding….What?

    Death Stranding….What?

    Death Stranding is a new gaming coming from Hideo Kojima in November 2019. There is very little chance that I will get to play it, as it’s a Playstation 4 exclusive, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring this game. I and I guess most people who have seen the latest trailer were amazed with the visuals, and well done to them to make an 8min video and still not give anything away. I mean I have no idea what this games about.

  • Starbound 1.4 update is out

    Starbound 1.4 update is out

    FInally the 1.4 patch and update is out for Starbound. I’ve been waiting for this since September last year after they said they were adding bounty hunting into the game. Here’s my reason to start a fresh new game 🙂

  • Starting in Scum..

    Starting in Scum..

    So after watching the progress of Scum, for about 10 months, I finally dropped some cash to get the base game and the supporter pack. Even though it’s still in early access, I believe there’s plenty to do and have fun with.

  • Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E1 – A New Home

    Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E1 – A New Home

    The birth of the Alliance of Tol started slow with just five people at what was to become known as the Gazo Brook. A world were Zombies and the constant threat of death is always just over your shoulder had turned a world on its head. With no law and order, people have taken upon themselves to do whatever it takes to survive.

  • Trover Saves the Universe

    Trover Saves the Universe

    Saw this today and thought it looked so good. This game is made by Justin Roiland, he’s also behind Rick and Morty and that’s no bad thing.. I don’t know much about the game, but it’s very much for the older audience, and that’s why this post has an age check on it…

  • Subnautica 003: Land, and something other than fish to eat…

    Subnautica 003: Land, and something other than fish to eat…

    Once I headed further away for the Aurora crash site, the large body of clouds parted to reveal an island. The first landmass I have seen since crashing on the ocean world. It was fantastic to put my feet on solid earth. This was the first opportunity to find something other than fish to eat. […]

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    I pre-registered for this game when it was announced. The other day I got a notification that it was available to instal, Yay!