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  • Good Omens

    Good Omens

    I’ve been a fan of Neil Gaiman for sometime. I like his books, I recently finished reading AMERICAN GODS and enjoyed season one of the tv adaptation, and his type humor when it is brought forward. I guess that’s why Neil and Terry Pratchett made a good writing couple, again Terry Pratchett has made me keep coming back to reading his books ever since I started reading my first Discworld novel around 1986 ish..

  • Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me (Acoustic)

    Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me (Acoustic)

    Only recently found the artist Sabrina Claudio a little time ago, and wow what a voice….

  • Lana Del Rey – Ride

    Lana Del Rey – Ride

    Really like what she has done so far and looking forward to The Paradise Edition – Out November 12th.