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  • As week 11 passes by, I get the feeling that the whole planet is on a imploding trajectory. What was bad enough having to try and quarantine the whole population for what we thought might be a few weeks, and what seemed like 30% didn’t think it included them, and how we are going to […]

  • Over 70 day’s now since I started working from home. My youngest has been home for about the same amount of time. He will most likely not be going back to school until September. My eldest has now finished high school and is now waiting on news of his exams and a college place. I […]

  • Week 9 has been and gone, week 9!!

  • Week 8 – ……sigh

    Over 8 weeks, for me almost 60 days working and basically not leaving the house has, I think finally hit. Yes I have walked around to the local shop for essentials, walking the dog in the mornings and the odd family walk locally. But no real interaction with anyone else, and yes I can’t believe […]

  • Monday was Kylo’s 6th Birthday (May 4th) and his 4th year with us. Time has gone so quickly, but it also feels like he has been with us for so much longer… It was also May The Fourth Be With You day of course..

  • Week 6 has been and gone, and if you blinked you might of missed it… With me being back at work even though it’s at home, most of my time is working at my desk, so again not much to report during the week, but we never stop at the weekends….

  • Happy 6th Birthday to our Kylo. He’s been with us now 4 years, and it feels so much longer… He has grown more and more in his personality than I ever thought he could. He really has now become a moody, grumpy, demanding pain in the bum 😁 If on the very rare occasion I […]

  • Week 5 of Lockdown has been and gone.. These days and weeks are all blending into one another now. As the title suggests I’m now back to working from home. The studio has managed to create a working system for a few photographers and stylist to get back into studio and start shooting as we […]

  • As we rolled into week 4 now, what day it is just don’t seem to matter anymore, which is odd, but I’m finding that I’m ok with this. Anyway I have a few projects I wanted to finish off as the weather is getting nicer…

  • Week three, and we are starting to be creative 😉 After spending probably way more time than I should to sort out one of my nails, screws and bits draw. I thought now would be a good time to make a new bird table for the garden. The one we have now is falling to bits…