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Old Man’s War Audiobook

Started a new audiobook today called Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. I have very slowly stared to move my large audiobook collection over to my plex server and thought I would give this one a go as a test…

At seventy-five years old, John Perry is after a fresh start – so, naturally, he joins the army. Earth’s military machine can transform elderly recruits, restoring their lost youth. But in return, its Colonial Defence Force demands two years of hazardous service in space. This is how Perry finds himself in a new body, crafted from his original DNA. A genetically enhanced and upgraded new body, ready for battle.

But upgrades alone won’t keep Perry safe. He’ll be fighting for his life on the front line as he defends humanity’s colonies from hostile aliens. He’ll pay the price for his choices, and he’ll discover the universe is even more dangerous than he imagined.

There are six books in this series, and I think I will look at getting them all, as so far I’m liking this. It reminds me of a mixer of Starship Troops and Altered Carbon.

The Ghost Brigades (The Old Man’s War series, 2)
The Last Colony (The Old Man’s War series, 3)
Zoe’s Tale (The Old Man’s War series, 4)
The Human Division (The Old Man’s War series, 5)
The End of All Things (The Old Man’s War series, 6)
by John Scalzi

Wiki page here for more information.



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