Etihad Stadium For Soccer Aid 2021

Etihad Stadium For Soccer Aid 2021

At the weekend we went to Etihad Stadium for Soccer Aid 2021. This is the first time I had been to Etihad, and I have to say it was larger than I was expecting, but as it holds 55,000 I guess it has to be. I don’t think it was at full capacity last night, but it was sold out.

Having got there at a good time, we just missed seeing the England players going in, but did catch the World players getting off the coach. Must admit I only know about a 3rd of all the players though…..
It wasn’t the best game of football I’ve seen and England lost 3-0, but it was all for a good cause and everyone had a great evening.

Getting out of Manchester after the game was a nightmare. Six lanes of cars all trying to get through one small exit off the carpark, then a very slow crawl all the way out of Manchester..

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