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Week 6 – Work, Work And The Occasional Walk

Week 6 has been and gone, and if you blinked you might of missed it… With me being back at work even though it’s at home, most of my time is working at my desk, so again not much to report during the week, but we never stop at the weekends….

Back to breakfast at my desk..

Struggling at the moment to get Ryan focused on home schooling. Carolyne decided to go for more of some life lessons with making cakes and scones …. 😋

Payment for painting the garden swans last week. Not needed, but very much appreciated.

A few evening walks helped to clear the heads, and a little exercise.

A little garden was done when we could, including moving some plants around the garden and replanting a few that needed a bigger home..

We had a little bit of an emergence this week when Carolyne accidentally injected herself with an epipen, while refreshing her memory on how to use them. Turned out she just had a cold numb finger and the shakes for a few hours…… 🥴

World News

Is There No Hope…..?

As not many pictures are taken during the week now, I might start adding a few items that have happened here in the UK or abroad that have caught my eye…

Trump Speaks…. Maybe we can inject bleach to kill Covid-19. The look on Dr. Deborah Birx…
And then he gets mad that the press reported correctly what he said.🤪

Speaking of America. I can not believe what I have been seeing in the last week. Protests for opening up the country, even though as I write this over 71,148 deaths. And gunmen storming Michigan State Capitol.🤬

And elsewhere rumours of Kim Jong-un passing away, but nothing has been confirmed. And now there’s reports he’s back with his first public appearance in 20 days… so who knows 😎

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