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Happy Birthday Kylo – 6 Today.

Happy 6th Birthday to our Kylo. He’s been with us now 4 years, and it feels so much longer… He has grown more and more in his personality than I ever thought he could. He really has now become a moody, grumpy, demanding pain in the bum 😁 If on the very rare occasion I have extra time in bed so his walk is later, he’s in a mood all morning and refuses to eat his breakfast..

If I or Carolyne even looks like we are going out without him he runs over to his bed and raggs it, but only while you’re watching him…. He doesn’t do what he’s told,(get off the chair, off the plant pots, stop licking that, don’t eat that….the list could go on) he really has fitted in well with our two boys…. πŸ™‚ Though I don’t think we would want him any other way. He’s always ready for a cuddle, or just to sit on you, and always ready for a tummy rub.

Happy 6th Birthday Kylo

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