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Eddie The Elf 2019

Well that’s it for another year, Eddie The Elf went back to the North Pole last night to help Santa. Leaving us with a month of smiles and fun…..

Once arriving on the first of December with a North Pole Breakfast for the boy’s, including a very cool Lego Advent Calendar for Ryan, he has been a very busy Elf indeed. From Wrapping up the tv, playing cards for gold with some of the bears to making things like minecraft blocks and a lego house. He even managed to paint my toes……. Eddie also came on a great day trip out to Liverpool to see the Elf Show!
Though Ryan was a little sad for him to go last night he has left gifts for us all, and of course it is Christmas tomorrow 🙂
Until next year Eddie! 🙂

I know its a little late now for anyone to use, but anything I have made and printed can be found on the gallery part of my site here in the “me being creative” section, maybe for next year?….

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