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Elf: A Christmas Show in Liverpool

At the weekend we were in Liverpool for the Elf Spectacular show. It was at the M&S Bank Arena on the docks. I’ve not been in Liverpool for years, it really has changed, and parts of the docks are completely different. Anyway everywhere is lit up ready for Christmas which is nice..

The show was great, we had great seats on the floor near the front. I just wish I’d brought my camera with me instead of just my mobile, because normally they don’t allow pictures and video, but they wanted people to take pictures and post on social media…
Anyway the show had lots going on, from dancers, roller skates, acrobats, water fountains, to snowball fights, large Christmas trees and moving icebergs, and that’s just on the floor of the arena.. It changes a few things from the film, which is a big favourite in our house, but the main story was still there. Overall I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a chance to catch it while it goes up and down the country.
And on another note, Liverpool has really given itself a new look since I was last there, will have to go again.

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