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Some great film trailers and more..

It seems like it’s been a busy time in the trailers lately, and as with most people it’s Youtube where I go to get the latest..

First trailer for Wonder Woman 2 – 1984 is looking good, but not giving much away to the storyline and making more questions than answering any…

Now this one I am so happy for. It kinda came out of nowhere, and I’m surprised that the studio was willing to have another go after how terrible last one. Thankfully this is ignoring that one, as is the 3rd film following on for the originals, and hoping they have all the passed actors back in apart from Harold Allen Ramis who passed away in 2014. He was also the writer of the first two films, but his son Jason Reitman will be taking the director role on this one.

Loved the first season of The Boys. Can not wait to see where season two goes..

Another one that came out of nowhere. I had seen Ryan Reynolds post a few things, but nothing said what it was about. Should be a fun take on video gaming, and with his sense of humor it should be good.

Now I have read most of THE WITCHER books a few years ago before the became mainstream. They are really good, though they didn’t translate very well from Polish, but they are steeped in lore and will be a great base for the tv series. I’m not sure how true they will stay to the books, but if they stay true to the world they are based in, I think they have a winning series.

Final trailer for the end of the latest trilogy. Not sure, think they may have dropped the ball on this. Didn’t rate the last film much at all, but I know I will see it because, well it’s Star Wars….

Another one from Ryan Reynolds, he has been busy. Looks fun though.

New bond film…… I do like a good bond film, but not sure about his. He’s of an age that now isn’t pc and they shouldn’t make him fit in or make a film around that. They almost did in Skyfall. Guess time will tell……

Nice to see Hugh Laurie in a comedy role again. Should be a good series..

And let’s finish with the first trailer for the Black Widow film with Scarlett Johansson. Jury’s out on this one just at the moment, but I have my fingers crossed.

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