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Mud Guard Mk1

With cycling to work, with a round trip of about 11 miles a day, it takes it’s toll on the bike so after a couple of years of use it is cheaper to buy a new bike, than to replace and fix all the things. I did this recently which was nice. It came with mud guards that go around the wheel which you would think could catch all the water and mud you would ever need not to fly up. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with my back wheel, which I found out to the dismay of my coat one trip home.

So to cut this shorter, I didn’t want to replace what was there, it just needed to be longer. In came the idea to make something. With a little thought and while taking the plastic recycling out I came to the idea that I could cut a milk container up and attach it. Some scissors and black spray paint later I had Mk1 of my mud guard. And so far this week I have cycled in plenty of rain and through so many puddles and it’s worked a treat. πŸ™‚

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