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Blackpool Air Show 2019

This Sunday we braved the weather for the 2019 Blackpool Air Show. Even though the country was on alert for bad weather, and many weekend events were cancelled including the Lytham Kite Festival that we were also going to. Blackpool went ahead, but only on the Sunday instead a two day event. Knowing that everyone who wanted to go over two days was now going to turn up on Sunday, we thought it best to get in early.

Finding parking a little outside the centre, we slowing walked in noticing a lot of people with woolly hats and big coats in August, thinking they must be mad! Once on the front by the sea it was obvious we were the crazy ones….

 Again because of the weather a few of the aircrafts either couldn’t fly or had technically problems, so it wasn’t a constant flow of planes and helicopters to see, and that meant a bit of waiting around, which made it feel colder I think….

 Here is a list of the aircrafts that we did see. The Lancaster Bomber was supposed to be part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight with a Spitfire and Hurricane, but they couldn’t make it across from France because of technical issues, so it was on its own.

  • Typhoon
  • AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers
  • Lancaster Bomber
  • RAF Chinook
  • Bulldog
  • Richard Goodwin ‘Muscle’ Pitts Special
  • Calidus Autogyro
  • The Blades

Not the best pictures I have taken due to the weather and cloud cover, and I think it’s time for a new camera….

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