Death Stranding….What?

Death Stranding is a new gaming coming from Hideo Kojima in November 2019. There is very little chance that I will get to play it, as it's a Playstation 4 exclusive, but that doesn't stop me from admiring this game. I and I guess most people who have seen the latest trailer were amazed with the visuals, and well done to them to make an 8min video and still not give anything away. I mean I have no idea what this games about.

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A Very Wet Leyland Festival

This weekend was the my home towns festival. And right on the moment the procession had started the rain came down hard. They did a good job at trying to keep smiling and positive, but that's the UK weather for you....

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Starbound 1.4 update is out

FInally the 1.4 patch and update is out for Starbound. I’ve been waiting for this since September last year after they said they were adding bounty hunting into the game. Here’s my reason to start a fresh new game πŸ™‚


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Xena Cosplay

Today’s cosplay topic is Xena – Warrior Princess… Found a bunch of images in one of my folders in the theme of Xena, so here you go. Kinda think I need to add the tv series into my watch list now as I really did like it πŸ˜‰


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Starting in Scum..

So after watching the progress of Scum, for about 10 months, I finally dropped some cash to get the base game and the supporter pack. Even though it’s still in early access, I believe there’s plenty to do and have fun with.


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Zombieland – A Rimworld Story -S1E1 – A New Home

The birth of the Alliance of Tol started slow with just five people at what was to become known as the Gazo Brook. A world were Zombies and the constant threat of death is always just over your shoulder had turned a world on its head. With no law and order, people have taken upon themselves to do whatever it takes to survive.

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A Cosplay Mixed Bag..

As the title suggests, this is a mixed collection of cosplayers of which I don't have a category for them to go in. Either I don't have a folder for them, or I have no idea what they are from. All still fantastic creations.

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