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Nerf Gun Re-paint

My boys seem to like their nerf guns, we do have a fairly large collection now and with hundreds of foam bullets. Though they don’t use them as much as they should, but that’s because our dog hates it. He always thinks the boys are fighting…. Anyway my youngest has been watching youtube videos lately on Nerf Guns and some people doing redesignes and repaints. So guess what we’ve been doing last weekend…. Ryan chose his Zuru Xshot Hawkeye gun for the customized treatment. I didn’t pull the whole gun to pieces, just some of the easier parts and the rest was taped up. I think if we do it again we will give it more time to dry and try to give more detail, but I think it came out or for our first go and Ryan did a great job spray painting.

And yes I know I have the scope on backwards for the final shot... :)

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