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As I Get Older

I have found over the last few years I have turned into a grumpy old guy. Not sure what the turning point was, but I really, and I do mean really have no time for most people anymore. You just have to look on social media, the IQ has dropped so much it’s scary…

That’s the reason I came off all social media in January. I found most people just love to complain, take offence or just be plain stupid. After a while you see patterns of the same people making the same mistakes, doing the same things over and over again, and then complaining about them. If you are always late, set off earlier. If you are always getting screwed over by the same type of guys, maybe you should stop seeing those types of guys. If your life is so bad, get off your arse, stop letting everyone you know via facebook and do something about it…

Mini rant over, here’s a quick look into my mind at the moment via images and gifs….

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