Fish Tank With Waterfall

My youngest has been playing SUBNAUTICA on the pc for a week or so now and has come up with the idea that he would like a fish tank in his bedroom. With the thoughts that this might help him at bedtimes, and also help him relax, we spent the weekend looking up tanks and visiting a few local Aquarium shops.

And this is the one he chose. He really wanted one with a waterfall, even though I did point out the noise it will make late at night. He also wanted a skull! (that’s kids I guess) and of course we had to have something Lego in there, this figure we got from a trip to one of the Sea Life Centres.

Now it’s up and running, we just await the fish which he will be going to get after school 😉

Evening Update:

Two fish have arrived. Ice king & Mario are their names, though could be subject to change without warning..

Ice King & Mario

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