Two Years Later..

It's now been just over two years since Ryan had his stroke, and I have mostly been quiet about what's been happening, so I think it's time for an update.

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Toby the Devil

Great sketch from Rowan Atkinson here. It was performed for the Prince of Wales as part of his 70th birthday celebrations. This is an slightly updated version from his one man shows in the 80s.

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Weezer – Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

I do like Weezer, though I haven't listened to anything from them in a while, but this version of Africa with Weird Al Yankovic is just great. I can take or leave Weird Al, he doesn't do much for me but, yes this version I approve..

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Star Wars Cosplay

Thought it was time for some Star Wars Cosplay. Some of these I have had sat in a folder for sometime, but all good ones don't you think. Nothing like a bit of lightsaber action..

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It’s Cold

-3 this morning on the way to work. As I cycle to work and the local council doesn't believe in gritting cycle lanes or paths, it makes for an interesting trip into work. Nice pic's though.....

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Sunday Afternoon Walk

Went for a nice afternoon walk this Sunday. Wife, youngest and the dog... We went to a Yarrow Valley Country Park, it's a place we only discovered a couple of years, amazed really as its only 20 mins or so from our home.

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