At the weekend we as a family ran 5k for the Stroke Association. As most of you who have visited my blog before will know my youngest had a stroke over a year ago. He wanted to do something to raise money for the charity that has help him and us with his recovery and understanding what has happened to him.

It was a cold Sunday morning in Blackpool for the run, but with a great turnout and friendly lot we had a warmup and before we knew it we were off. Was a little hard going for me as I haven’t done much running in the last few year, but with my eldest son on my shoulder all the way talking about the latest game he is playing it wasn’t long before we were on the way to the finish line. 🙂 Ryan, mum and dog came in not long after at very reasonable times and I am proud of them all for doing it.

  1. Eldest Son: 30 mins.
  2. Me: 34 mins.
  3. Ryan: 47 mins.
  4. Mum and Kylo: 50 mins.

So far we have raised almost £400 with still a few cash donations still to come in. The link is still active for another month or two if you would like to give to this great charity.
Link to the Justgiving page.

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