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So proud of my youngest son, I don’t know how he’s kept going. And as I write this it’s his third going into fourth day in hospital….
Started almost two weeks ago with him feeling sick and very tired. Then on Friday morning he tried to get out of bed and fell as he had lost total control of his left leg. We phoned ambulance and was taken to A&E hospital. After a few hours and few tests, and with the use of this leg coming back they discharge him. Walking back to the car I could see he wasn’t right, he wasn’t steady on his feet, was not focused and seemed confused. The doctors may have done their job, but I know my son. He’s a bright healthy and very steady footed young boy…

This unfortunately has revealed that our son has had a small stroke, and has maybe in the past had one before that we have not noticed.

Walking back into A&E and telling the doctor that they need to have another look at him was definitely the right thing to do. After a lot of talking and waiting, and at this time telling the same story to about the 11th staff member we where take up to Pediatrics which then led to him having an MRI scan. I don’t know how he managed to be in that thing for over an hour, such a brave young boy.

This unfortunately has revealed that our son has had a small stroke, and has maybe in the past had one before that we have not noticed. We were lucky to have two consultants on at the same time but at the moment they are baffled by this and needs to do lots more tests on his heart, kidneys, blood, urine, the list goes on…. I know they are doing there best, but how much can a seven year old go through before enough is enough? At the moment his blood pressure is very high at night and they are trying to medicate that, but a lot is “see if this helps”.

He had an ultrasound on this kidneys and bladder today which has turned out fine. Tomorrow it’s his heart and more time with the consultant. I hope they can pin the problem here at Preston, because the next step will be going to Manchester which of course will mean more time away from home and he’s missing his dog, and I know his dog misses him…
Sorry if this reads like I’m rambling and it’s not thought out, but if I don’t write this straight away and post it, I won’t write it at all. I don’t normal post very personal things about my family, but this is a big thing, not just for Ryan, but for his older brother, I can see how it’s affected him, the dog as I have said, my wife who has been amazing and has never left his side, and me, never take anything for granted….
Will update when I can.

L x

I have walked up and down this corridor so many times

Little update:
Ryan is doing amazing well considering, but the Doctors and Consultants are still puzzled by his case to the point the Neurologist will be contacting his colleagues nationally for advice. Still tests to do, but his blood pressure is coming down at least, which is some good news. They did find on his heart scan yesterday that he has Patent Foramen Ovale or (PFO), which is is a small hole located in the septum (wall) between the two upper (atrial) chambers of the heart. This is not we believe the reason for Ryan’s condition and nearly 20% of the population have this without any health problems, but it’s something they have to look into.

Update 2-01/02/17: They are going to let Ryan home at sometime today, but monitoring is still need and all his scans and info are being sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital today for a meeting, see if they can find the reason..

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