Continuing on from last week’s wooden table, I thought I would pull back a bit from using too many elements like the modifiers, I need to walk or even crawl before I can run.. So a table is still a good start and wood yes, going for just a simple slab of wood, and splitting it in the middle to make it look interesting in some way. Next I added four very simple cylinders for the legs. Again I added my studio sweep (getting good at making these), and then a few lamp light sources around my table.

Now this is the part where I cheat, but please bare with me, it’s for a very good reason. As I have said in last post, materials and texture are really going to be the thing for me, and most likely the hardest to get my head around. So…. I got hold of a free material that is procedural called chocofur wood, and as you will see in the images below, a good material makes one hell of a difference.

Now I haven’t the faintest clue about this material and how it works, but it does such a great job. I

also for my second render used a depth of field option through the camera setting that lets you mimic real life camera’s to a point, it takes a little getting use to and several goes to get the look your after. To set a focus point you need to create a empty object and tell the camera to focus on that, the object isn’t render in away, just used as the focus point. Then it’s just a case of moving your F-stops to your desired look.
Render time for both images was around 11mins each with 600 passes.
Until next week…

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