My first week with Blender has been kinda slow, I have been gathering as much information/websites/books/videos as I can and trying to absorb them.

One name that keeps coming up is Andrew Price, he runs a website called Blender Guru and that’s one to check out, he also has a keyboard shortcut guide that is free to download, which is very handy, as Blender is a program that will need you to remember shortcuts to speed up workflow, very much like Photoshop. I also picked up his The Wow Factor book which is way ahead of anything I can do and is really for once you have created something, how to give it that extra little thing that makes it stand out and look more real. For a later read someway down the line I think 😉

Video wise have have hit YouTube and have created a blender playlist that you can have a look. I will be adding more to it over time when I find something that I believe will help me in my quest to make something. I do find that watching each one several times helps me, but not just what the final outcome is but how and what they have done to get there can help with other little things..

A youtube Blender playlist I have put together.

I have also add two keyboard layouts that I found on the web, which might help.

Until next week, were I might have something on screen 🙂

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